About Us

Our Background

Layers Clothing Company was originally founded in 2004, and quickly became a reputable and popular company for women's clothing. Unfortunately, in 2009, the Layer's warehouse caught fire, destroying nearly everything. After the fire, the original owner decided not to revive Layers. But when she met Haylie in 2012, she thought it might be the perfect opportunity to give Layers another chance.

Haylie grew up loving fashion and the fashion industry. At 15, she was doing fashion sketches, and not long after that she was offered a scholarship to Florida State for Fashion Design. She's always had a gift for understanding how to dress women's bodies. She understands that the personality of a woman, and her body type, have to be considered in order to help a woman feel her best in her clothing.

Haylie decided to buy out Layers and bring it back from the ashes. She is so excited to get the company back on it's feet! They company is still new, but Haylie is designing and creating amazing new pieces all the time.

Our Mission

At Layers Clothing Company, we believe in celebrating women and helping them feel beautiful and confident in their clothing. Our clothing is feminine, sassy, comfortable, and chic and always designed with women in mind!