August 25, 2017

FAQ's about Kickstarter

Happy Friday Friends!  We are in day 2 of our campaign on Kickstarter and have almost reached 20% of our funding goal.  Yay!  Thank you so much to those who have pledged and shared our project, it truly means the world to us!  The goal is to reach $15,000 in pledges before September 17, so please continue to share and encourage others to support our mission and goal.  The best advertising is word of mouth, so we are heavily relying on YOU!

We have received quite a few questions and would like to post some of that information here.  

1 - What is Kickstarter? 

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform to help creators bring their projects to live via pledges from backers (YOU).  Once the project has FULLY funded, then the backers are charged for their pledge amount by Kickstarter.  This happens if and only if we get funded and after the project has ended.  In our case, this will be on September 17.  Once all the funds have been collected, they transfer the pledge money to us and then we are able to move this collection into production.  

2 - What are Rewards?

All projects on Kickstarter are made by creators like us here at LAYERS CLOTHING.  The whole purpose of a kickstarter campaign is to be able to fund a project, funding is done by offering rewards.  We have chosen to offer our clothing as our rewards for this campaign.  There are many different reward levels to choose from and we have tried to simplify the reward tiers by offering single items up to choosing 1 of everything!  Our current collection is made of tops, skirts, and dresses.  If you pledge to our project, and it funds, you will not be leaving empty handed.  

3 - Can I order without making a pledge?

Unfortunately, no.  We are using Kickstarter as a platform to move everything into production.  When our campaign funds we will have inventory to purchase from, but right we can't do that.  We are heavily relying on this campaign to fund.  So, if you like what you see, please visit us here and support our project by becoming one of our backers.  

4 - How do I select my size and the color I want?

Right now, don't even sweat these details!   After our project has funded, we will email you to get your size, color, and we will have you verify your mailing address as well :)


Hopefully this information here will help you feel more at ease when choosing to back us. If you have more questions please feel free to email us at  You can also follow along on instagram - @layersclothing - we post a lot of information on this platform and it is our go-to for being social and sharing content.


xo -